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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peter Haenga Interview

Peter added me as a friend on facebook and I came across his bio and I really wanted his story out there for people to read. So amazing.

Peter Haenga Interview,  Gisborne, New Zealand

Q: when did i start working out ?

A: I started back training way back in November 5th 2008

Q: You have had amazing life journey tell us about that ?

A: Back in 2003 I was diagnose with cancer, but there is more to this story as well. I was brutally assaulted too. I guess I should thank the guy that assault me because without the assault, the doctors would have not found the cancer growth just below the left side of my face .

I also suffered serious head & brain injuries as well from the assault . But toughest moment was when my beloved was diagnose with breast cancer about a year later in 2004 & passed away in 2006 .

After my beloved mum had died from 2006 to 2008 I went from 187 lbs to 264 lbs because i suffered from depression after losing my mum to breast cancer and my only source of comfort was food .

Q: When you look at yourself now how do you feel ?

A: When i look at myself now its a totally change to how I was like back in 2003 having been diagnose with cancer & having to deal with a brain injury & then the sudden lose of my beloved mum .

Today I am  a lot stronger mentally and now physically too . I did carry some blame to for awhile though when my beloved mum had passed away. I thought "why didnt God just take me instead of my mum?"

But over time I learned to let that go and that my beloved mum's journey had come to and end and mine had just begun. Now I serve a purpose, to share my story with others and maybe help others now who maybe have a similar situation to me, and you can come out the other side and give them some hope as well .

Q: When you found out you had cancer how did you get through it ?

A: When i first found out I had cancer, Iwas so scared and I didnt know what to do. What got me through all this was my parents, especially my mum she knew that I needed to come home. Mothers know when their children are in trouble. Also the belief in God that got me through the cancer and having that faith which my mum and dad installed in me and my brothers & sister .

Q: Who are the most important people /person through all this ?

A: The first person would be my faith in God . My beloved mother and my dad & family. Another important person is my online trainer Elise Firestone we met on bodybuilding.com, a social bodybuilding website . Elise has trained me for the last two years. And then there is my nephew, my inspiration. He was the one that turned it all around for me. After seeing me become overweight like straight out of childs mouth saying I was fat, I decided I had to make a change for the better. Then there are countless others: Sam cairns & Gerald Ingram my best friends. Elise Firestone trainer, Tammy Renee world physique magazine . Rebecca Hahn , Candace Howell Stupek , Steve Poytner, Mindy Kurek, Gina Ostarly these people have been greatest supporters .

Q: How long have been in remission?

A: Its been almost 7 years now ive been in remission

Q: How has training hard helped you through all the tough times?

A: Training hard must definitely has helped me through the tough times. Just helped me focused more on feeling good about myself and taking all my frustrations and stress out on the iron and weights. A real good stress reliever for sure.

Q: How often do you train during the week ?

A: Usually 4 -5 days a week I make sure I get a few days to rest but sometimes thats harder to do during competition time though.

Q: Whats my favourite excerise ?

A; Its got to be wide grip chin ups i love doing my back exercises .

Q: Whats does your diet consist of ?

A: Chicken, red meat, fish, eggs, veggies, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli , raw almonds , raw cashew nuts, fish oils, omega 3.

Q: W is your favourite cheat meal

A: Pizza Hut and KFC

Q: Do you have any advice for our readers

Just never give up or never stop trying even when things seem tough. Set yourself goals and go after them and always try to surround yourself with positive and like minded people.

To fail is not failure.Failure is when you give up.

Thanks Angelique for giving me a chance to share my story and God bless you and your readers as well


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